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The Holy Spirit is doing a new thing in this Rural Desert.


2008 - Fall . Four of us adventure to a "Change the World" Conference sponsored by Ginghamsburg church in Ohio.  We learn about amazing mission going on around the world and in their own home town. We are sparked with excitment of the possibilities.

2008 - Fall and Winter. Our Pastor leads a Five Part Sermon Series followed by a 15 week small group study. The group gets ignited by the practice of "risk-taking mission" as described by Bishop Robert Shanase. We make a list of 25 mission possiblities in our community, prayerfully consider the needs of our community and finally land on one that eventually leads to so much more.

2009 - March opened our first Thrift Store. A tiny 500 square foot store front that we outgrew on day one.

Everything sold is donated, no salaries are paid, monthly all net proceeds are given away to help meet needs in the community. The "community" extends to the whole world.

2010 - March we expanded to a second location with more space  space. In a very few months, we closed the original location and doubled the space we leased in the new location. Staffing two places proved to be too difficult for our volunteer numbers.  Donations and sales continued to grow, enabling assistance to many community causes.

2010 - Fall, we started our free after-school mentoring program three days per week, offering snacks and homework supervision with caring adults for two hours or more so that families could enjoy dinner and an evening together with less stress and  so that children could get indivual guidance, care and nutrition. This allowed some parents to work more hours, earning more money for their families. Staffed by loving adults, retired teachers and Longwood University students. We used space in our thrift store, lovingly set asisde as "The Learning Center". The program lasted 5 years and touched dozens of young lives. 

2011 - Working in missions, changed lives and a subgroup of the thrift store entrepreneurs  felt they had planted a new church only lacking a new worship experience. They wrote an application to the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church to plant a new church. Permission was granted and Pastor Mike Davis was appointed. The new church began worship in July 2011.

2012 - Journey Meals Weekend Backpack Program feeds elementary and middle school students in Amelia who are in need. Program lasts 5-6 years until phased out by another support system. The group continues to cover other needs through books, jeans, shoes and coat give-aways.

2016 - These authentic followers of Christ formed a non-profit corporation and purchased 14 acres with three buildings: Journey Community Center to extend hospitality and serve the community.

2017 - Both Amelia Thrift Store and Journey United Methodist Church found a home in this new Community Center by springtime.

December 2017 Journey Station Restaurant opened serving one meal each week. Now  serving 5 meals per week, and  sponsors a "mission of the month" and hands out many, many"grace" meals to those in need. Staffed by volunteers, the group serves"meals with a mission." Banquet room, catering, kitchen use available. 804-561-2828 

2020 - Group purchases a modular unit to house the furniture for the Thrift Store, constantly outgrowing its bounds. The building is installed just to the west of the existing store and doubles the sales space. Purchasers pay in Amelia Thrift Store. Items are often posted for sale in Facebook MarketPlace by a volunteer. to be purchased at the store.

2021 - Present. Although rooms in the motel have only been used as storage rental spaces for the past few years, upgrades and changes are being made and plans drawn for the motel to be the future home of the "Journey Village", a transitional living community, giving people a roof over their heads while they find their way in life.

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