We are excited to announce that we are gradually re-opening. Journey Station will serve dinners on Thursdays and Fridays starting June 18, with plans to expand to lunches in July. Our Amelia Thrift Store will be open only during dining in June but expects to re-open sometime in July 2020. Thanks for your support during this COVID19 shutdown.

Expect Great Things.


Whether it's through re-purposing products, renovating a room or cooking a meal, there are dozens of ways that you can make a difference at JCC.


Here we can come together to build a brighter future. Whether you are seeking relationships with others, with God, or both, there is space for you at JCC.


Working together we can make a difference. People can eat healthier, sleep safer, and build a network of community support.


We recently hosted a highly successful BBQ Chicken Fundraiser Event and sold out!



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Powerful Foundation

Exciting Future

Looking for CHICKEN? Sorry, online purchase is not available the day of the sale. In-store purchase is still available while supplies last. 

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